Friday, January 7, 2011

Zombie Jon does Google Search

Jon here.

I've said that on the Couch Zombies channel, what we'll have is the main show, and the non-sequiturs.  Well, there may be exceptions, and here's one!

I'm a big fan of Greg Benson, whose Mediocre Films and Mediocre Films 2 channels are just hilarious.  Google has this "Search Stories" meme, where you can create a video story in Web search form.  Sound strange?  Well, as a subscriber to the middle aged guy who likes to have fun, Greg Benson, I saw the funny one he did and realized that one by Zombie Jon might also be quite entertaining.

And, to my happy satisfaction, Greg added it as a response to his vid!

Here's Greg's video. Subscribe to him, and to us!

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