Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jon & Steve's Apartment

Zombies Jon & Steve live in apparently a pretty normal apartment.

For Couch Zombies, we want to make sure the apartment, which will be the central setting of the series, to be consistent.  As such, Steve (the real life one, not the zombie) drew a map of the flat, and Jon (again, the living one) made a simple model of it and furnished it with various props he had in his 3D library.  There seemed little reason to model everything from scratch.  After all, this is a reference for Janet, who will recreate the settings in Flash.

There will be other furnishings as well.  The ones I (Jon) put in are to give the basic layout.  We're thinking of interesting pictures to have on the walls, and so on.

We also have this fun idea to have the zombies be fans of our other projects.  In real life, for instance, I'm working on my thesis, Bodacious Creed.  In their world, it will be a popular graphic novel and made into a movie.  They will probably watch the Adventures of Oakley and Bud, based on Janet's popular animation.  They'll listen to Tait and Sayaka's band, Noise Clinic.  Any projects Steve or Gerry are working on, the zombies will be fans of those, too.

If you're going to create a fictional world, you may as well be popular in it!

And, here's the apartment!

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