Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why I am so Quiet

Steve here, the producer and lead writer for Couch Zombies.

Whenever I am rubbing elbows with Steven Spielberg, or having lunch with Chuck Norris, one question inevitably comes up"  "Why don't you write more blogs, or post some vlogs for Couch Zombies."

I always answer these high-powered individuals with a coy smile and say, "Well Steve..."  or Chuck, or Barack, or (fill in high powered first name here), "I just want the show to speak for itself."

With all of you, I want to be more real.  I am a simple person living a simple life.  I am married.  I have three kids. I have one dog. Three cats. Five fish. Four pairs of jeans - only one of which does not have holes in them.  I don't often wear shirts. I occasionally pick my nose.  Hey, it happens...

For all of you loyal followers of our blossoming content; for the down to earth, real people of this world; for the mostly honest workers and slightly more honest spouses of those honest workers; I will tell you the truth in three simple words.

I am lazy.

That is not to say I am not hard at work on this project.  Or to use fewer negatives...  I am hard at work on this project.  I don't say much here because I find the less I say about it, the better things turn out.  But I give my solemn oath on two things:

1) Couch Zombies is being worked on, and with diligence.
2) If I pick my nose, I will do my best to do it somewhere you cannot see.

Now, I must be off to catch a flight to Delaware to have a conversation with the former witch and anti-masturbationist republican nominee for the US Senate.  That should be a fun conversation.

Take care,


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