Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CZ O'Donnel Spoof

Jon here!

In my blog for my 3D Modeling thesis, Bodacious Creed, I show my work, every step of the way.

Well, Couch Zombies, on YouTube, I want to be the show and the non sequiturs, which are a sort of show in and of themselves.  That's why I took down all the behind the scenes videos when I posted Not a Lich, the first Couch Zombies Non Sequitur.  People might actually want to know a bit of what's happening behind the scenes though, so I figured, that'd be the kind of thing to put in the blog.

What, you haven't seen Not a Lich???  Well go see it and then come right back!  You'll love it!  Remember that crazy politician Christine O'Donnell and her Not a Witch ad?  This is a spoof on that, only O'Donnell's eye didn't pop out during her video.  Amateur.  No wonder she didn't get elected.

I'm working on the character design and rigging for the next Non Sequitur, this time starting Zombie Steve.  I have the 3D head models that I sculpted months ago, but now I'm improving them (as I did with Z Jan), making them a little more cartoony, a little more exaggerated.  Janet gave me some great direction in this for her character, and I'm applying the concepts to the rest.

So yeah, that's in the works!  Something else to look forward to.

Meanwhile, we hope you'll all subscribe to the Couch Zombies channel and enjoy what we have to offer!

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