Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet Video Preview!

Jon here.  So, that last blog post.  Yeah.  We weren't able to get that video out by Halloween.  To be fair, that was a really unrealistic expectation on my part.

BUT, it is coming out!

The actual Couch Zombies show has been put on hold.  NOT an indefinite hold, mind you, just a hold until we can get another animator or two.  The show will probably still be done in Flash.  The dialogue for several episodes has been recorded, and we're excited to bring those to you as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, we have another regular Couch Zombies feature ready to start going live very soon!  Couch Zombies Non Sequiturs will be on random things that the characters want to share.

And you're getting a brief sneak peek of the first!  It features Zombie Janet, or Z Jan as we sometimes call her, voicing a sincere plea to the zombie community.  That's all I'm going to say about it until we release it!

Here are some still frames to pique your interest!  (Images (c) 2010 Jonathan Fesmire & Couch Zombies)

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