Thursday, August 19, 2010

80s Torso Guy

I love this funny character that Gerry created in his concept art.  Steve and I had a fun discussion about how to use him in Couch Zombies as well.  He's gonna be great!

Since I finished the head sculpts of the ensemble cast, Jon, Steve, Gerry, and Janet, I thought, why not sculpt 80s Torso Guy next?  I just created the base mesh.  It's actually based on the human mesh I did for my Organic Modeling class a few semesters ago.

Though I posted it a few blog entries back, here's Gerry's drawing of this character.  I'm also including an image of the base mesh for him, which I will start sculpting today!  As you can see, the base meshes are very simple when they start, but become much more complex!

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