Monday, August 30, 2010

What's Going On

Yes, lots is still going on behind the scenes!

But I (Jon here, by the way) feel neglectful if a day goes by without a blog or a vlog. I'm so excited about Couch Zombies that I want to let everyone know about it. I want to keep everyone entertained until we get the first episode out! After that, too... of course! It's just that, once it comes out, there should be a lot of, "Hey yeah, that was cool! Worth the wait!"

So, a few things are going on behind the scenes that I'd like to mention. First, Steve wrote the script for episode 2, and we've all been giving him feedback. He's moved on to the script for episode 3, while still polishing up the former.

I'm afraid we're going to overwhelm Janet with animation duties! That's not something we want to do. Like me, she's an Academy of Art University student. She and I are both starting production work on our theses this semester, and will have to balance school, life, and putting out this show. So yeah, we're trying to get that balanced out.

A funny coincidence happened recently. Steve is buddies with an excellent guitarist who plays in a local band. It looks like this friend is going to be doing a background soundtrack for the show! Well, it turns out, his friend is this guy who works at one of our local music stores. I've spoken to him several times, and he's a hell of a nice guy. And we've been talking about instruments and music without either of us realizing that we're both friends with Steve, and both working on Couch Zombies!

That was kind of cool.  I'll tell him who I am next time I go in there.

To anyone who's reading this, could you head over to our channel and check out this video?  I'd like to know what you think of the style I used for that character vlog.  I'd appreciate a comment either on the video page, here on the blog, or on Facebook.


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