Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zombie Janet Sculpt

Jon here!

We need a name for Couch Zombie fans.  I challenge all of you to come up with something!

If you read the last blog, written by Steve, you can see why he's among my very best friends.  He says he's lazy, and there's an element of truth in there.  The guy is a compulsive WoW player, and got me back into it earlier this year.  Not that I'm complaining!  For the Horde, all the way!  The truest Steve though is the guy who goes out of his way for friends and family, who makes the world a better place by being good to the people in his life.  He is like family, to me and my son.

And Steve, I know you'd want some smores if you were out in the wilderness.  I'm just sayin'.

Continuing on his last entry, there's a lot to be said for the zombie's eating brains metaphor.  When Steve and I hang out, we talk about all sorts of things: politics, religion (or lack thereof), parenthood, women, movies, games (mostly WoW), and all sorts of other things, feeding off each other's brains.  See?  And that's how we came up with Couch Zombies.

So, on to what I started this post for!

There's a new vlog up on the Couch Zombies channel, so head over and check out "Couch Zombies Vlog 005!"  It contains the turntable of the Zombie Janet head model.  I'm going to post the picture of it here as well.

Here's a new bit of Couch Zombies trivia.  All four of the head models, I sculpted in zBrush.  They're all molded from the same head base mesh.

Definition time.

base mesh (n): A low polygon 3d model used as a basis for creating higher resolution models.

This wonderful head mesh came from an ebook called "zBrush Character Creation," and can be purchased at 3d Total.  It has been very much worth the investment for this modeler.

Here's that base mesh:

And here's Zombie Janet!

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