Sunday, August 15, 2010

Zombie Insights

Hi Everyone.  I'm Steve.

So everywhere I go, people are asking me, "So, why Couch Zombies?"

Well, not really.  But if you are reading our blog you might be asking that question, so I decided to talk on the subject a bit.

Jon already talked some about our converging ideas: You got Your Mentos Ads in my Couch Zombies!  You got your Couch Zombies in my Mentos Ad.  And from there, we ran with it.

My original musing for Couch Zombies came from my own deep desire to do absolutely nothing at all. At my very core, I am a lazy, solitary, cynical slacker. With all honesty I would be very happy all alone in the middle of the woods with nothing but the clothes on my back and something to help start campfires.  Granola bars would be nice, too, but that would be a bonus.

I blame family for my being more than just a lazy slob.  It is their fault that I am somewhat productive and have a place in society that serves something other than myself.  If it was not for my wife and kids; for my parents; for my brother and sister; for all my cousins, aunts uncles and other blood relations; for the friends I consider family and the family I consider weird - it is them whom I blame for having to do all the things I do in life to make life work.  I am grateful for all of this. What I get out of life from being in it is far more than I would get out of life if I had it the way I really wanted.

And that is what Couch Zombies is all about.  It's the stories of the Zombie in all of us.  The tales of wanting to do nothing but play World of Warcraft (or the game of your choice), watch TV, comment on the downfall of others and not really do anything useful. We all have a desire to want to stay in our PJ's all day (or naked, for the more daring of us). We all enjoy our time doing nothing useful.  And of course, we all - on rare occasions - want to chomp into the skull of some jerk who just wronged us in some way and eat their brains.  This is Zombie.

Hopefully you will spend the few minutes to watch the episodes as they come out. Maybe you will laugh a little.  And maybe - just maybe - the urge to be a complete zombie will be sated (on brains!) and you can go about doing something more productive and useful.  If this is the case, then I have done my part for society and I can feel less guilty about being such a complete zombie myself.

Until next time,


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